Floating Schedule to Begin – The TGSA board has decided to adjust the contest schedule so that it is a floating schedule.  Beginning this week and for 11/2/2013, the Galveston Open will remain on call and the Corpus Christi Open will now also be on call.  Galveston holds priority over Corpus Christi if there is contestable surf as determined by the board.  The board will make every effort to make this call as early as possible on Friday morning and no later than noon.

All fees currently paid for the Galveston Open will be applied to which ever contest is held first.  If there is no contestable surf in Galveston, but there is in Corpus, Corpus will be called on and your fees paid in advance for Galveston will be transferred to Corpus.  If you have already registered and paid for Galveston and you are unable to make the Corpus Christi event, your fees will stay with the Galveston event.  If you do compete in Corpus in this scenario, registration will reopen for  Galveston and those that competed in Corpus will have to re-register for Galveston.

The board feels this will help keep the TGSA schedule on track as much as possible and allow the first half to be completed by mid December.