After a one week postponement, the 2013-2014 TGSA State Championship Event was called on for June 7th and 8th at Bob Hall Pier in Corpus Christi!  Saturday kicked off the event at 9am with sunny skies and winds in the 20-25mph range.  Waves were in the waist to chest high range with some swift current moving down the beach to the north, creating some challenging conditions for all!  Although in abundance on the shore, the seaweed was confined to the beach break, leaving the open water fairly clear for the competitors.   Groms and longboard divisions were held Saturday and in spite of some chop, had some great heats.

2013-2014 Texas State Championships at Bob Hall Pier.

2013-2014 Texas State Championships at Bob Hall Pier through the Eagle Eye

Contestants were greeted again on Sunday for an 8am start with beautiful, sunny skies and slightly cleaner conditions.  The current continued to be a challenge, but everyone powered through it catching some fun waves and even a few small barrels here and there, making for a fine day to wrap up the 2013-2014 season.
Morgan Faulkner, covered up.

Morgan Faulkner, covered up.

 Texas State Champions for the 2013-2014 season are:

Micro Groms – Kason Wells; Mini Groms – Hunter Martinez; Mini Girls – Isabelle Kryger; Groms – Ian Appling; Boys – Kelly Scroggs; Girls – Maddie Garlough; Junior Men – Riley Brown; Junior Women – Maddie Garlough; Men – Kris Hopkins; Women – Tasha Rivard; Masters – Zach May; Senior Men – Chico Martinez; Legends – Kirk Pearson; Junior Longboard – Nathan Marney; Women Longboard – Olive Smith; Men Longboard – Bubba Gainan; Senior Longboard – Frank Floyd; Air – Hector  Ordonez; Open Longboard – Morgan Faulkner; and Open Shortboard – Hector Ordonez.


Kason Wells, Texas State Champion, Micro Groms

Team awards for the 2013-2014 State Championships are: 1st Dockside Red, 2nd Board House A, 3rd Underground A and 4th Dockside White.


Team Dockside

Season Points Champions for 2013-2014 are:

Micro Groms – Connor Kryger; Mini Groms – Dallas Cunningham; Mini Girls – Mia Marr; Groms – Ian Appling; Boys – Nathan Marney; Girls – Maddie Garlough; Junior Women – Aransas Blaha;  Junior Men – Nathan Marney; Men – Kris Hopkins; Women – Mirah Almond; Masters – Kris Hopkins; Senior Men – Chico Martinez; Legends – Brett Hopkins; Junior Longboard – Nathan Marney; Women Longboard – Olive Smith; Men Longboard – Kris Hopkins; Senior Longboard – Brett Hopkins; and Open Shortboard – Nathan Floyd.


Connor Kryger, completely stoked at being named Micro-groms Points Champion 2013-2014.

The Wes Ellsworth Team Champion of the year award was taken by BoardHouse Surf and Skate A.   Congratulations to Ted, Teddy and all the team members.


BoardHouse ringing the bell.

TGSA announced the 2013/2014 Allstar Team:

Groms – Ian Appling and Zachary Rachui; Boys – Nathan Marney and Henry Cunningham; Girls – Maddie Garlough and Aransas Blaha; Junior Men – Christian Villegas and Riley Brown; Junior Women – Coral Earwood and Alana Greenwood; Men – Kris Hopkins; Women – Mariah Almond; Women Longboard – Olive Smith; and Men Longboard Nathan Floyd.


Hector Ordonez getting some air!

48th Annual Texas State Championship Results
2013-2014 Season Ending Standings

Thanks to all the volunteers who came to help set up and to everyone who stayed to break down.   Also, many thanks to all the ground crew and judges!  Without you all, these events would not be possible.
Everyone have a great summer and we will look forward to seeing you all next season.