Texas Gulf Surfing Association (TGSA) board of directors met on July 26th for its annual board meeting and planning session for the 2015/2016 season.  Lots of great discussion took place and taking into consideration the concerns and ideas of TGSA members, the upcoming season will bring changes and the opportunity to make this the best season ever.  A season schedule has been set, qualifications for the Texas State Surfing Championships (TSSC) changed to allow the event to be the biggest of the year, and All-Star selection criteria firmed up to follow the criteria for the past season from now on.

The schedule of events and call for contests have perhaps been the biggest concern for most of the TGSA membership.  Beginning this year, the TGSA schedule will be set and contest will be cancelled for flat conditions only.  If a contest is cancelled, it will be moved to the back of the schedule and the schedule will resume as set.  This change will allow the TGSA membership and volunteer staff to plan their activities accordingly and not allow events to be postponed for week after week.  The TGSA board fully recognizes that some events may be run in minimal surf conditions, but also feels that this is part of a competitive season.  The season schedule includes events along the entire Texas coast and will make qualifying for TSSC equally attainable for the entire TGSA membership.  The 2015/2016 Schedule of events is listed below.

The TGSA board feels that the Texas State Surfing Championships should be the biggest event of the competitive season and has taken steps to bring this forward and give an equal opportunity for all members to qualify for the event.  Any TGSA member will be eligible for the TSSC if they 1) are a current 2015/2016 member and 2) compete in a minimum of one open event during the regular season.  Ratings will remain an important part of the qualification standards.  The highest ranking competitors of any said division will be automatically seeded into either Quarter rounds or Semi-final rounds, depending on the number of competitors in each division and all other remaining contestants will be competing in qualifying rounds to secure positions in either the Quarter or Semi-final rounds.  In divisions with a large number of participants, the top eight (8) seeded competitors will be seeded in Quarter rounds and in divisions with lesser participants, the top four (4) seeded competitors will be seeded in Semi-final rounds.  Detailed qualification guidelines will be announced prior to the season’s first contest.

The 2014 All-Star Team brought the return of an important part of TGSA back to the forefront.  With the support of many, the team took a week-long trip to Southern California with Coaches Morgan Faulkner and Zach May this past March.  Lots of great experience was gained and well as lots of insightful conversation with the likes of Josh Sleigh, Futures Factory and a visit to the Aftermath Factory.  A full detailed summary of the trip is way over due, but we will get it out soon.  The 2015 All-Star Team was named at the 2015 TSSC and was done so on the following criteria.  One member was chosen from the Menehune Girls and Boys; two members from the Boys, Girls, Junior Men and Junior Women; and one member from Men, Women, and Men and Women Longboard.  The top slots where given to the winner of said division at the TSSC and the second slot was given to the member with the most points.  If the TSSC champion also had the most points, the next ranked individual was given the next slot for the divisions in which two members where selected.  This will be the continued criteria from this time forward and TGSA looks forward the fierce competition for these slots during the 2015/2016 season.  2015 All-Stars are: Isabelle Kryger (Menehune Girls); Dallas Cunningham (Menehune Boys); Maddie Garlough and Aransas Blaha (Girls); Ian Appling and Bradley Blades (Boys); Alana Greenwood and Cassandra Huff (Junior Women); Kelly Scroggs and Hank Cunningham (Junior Men); Coral Earwood (Women); Nathan Floyd (Men); Olive Smith (Women Longboard); and Morgan Faulkner (Men Longboard).  Congratulations to all of the team!

Sponsorships……… Sponsorship is a big part of TGSA’s ability to operate throughout the year.  If you are interested in sponsoring an event, a blanket sponsorship throughout the year or any other portion of TGSA operations, please contact John Blaha at jdblaha.tgsa@gmail.com for more information.

The TGSA Board thanks its entire membership for their continued support, the support of event sponsors and for bringing your concerns and ideas to the board.  We sincerely hope that the 2015/2016 season is the best ever and look forward to getting it kicked off in August with the Grom Roundups and in September with the South Padre Island Open.  The 2015/2016 schedule is as follows.

August 15th – Galveston Grom Roundup – Galveston Island State Park (watch for details within the next few days)

August 22nd – Port Aransas Grom Roundup – Horace Caldwell Pier, Port Aransas (watch for details within the next few days)

September 12th/13th – South Padre Island Open

September 26th – Volcom (Bob Hall Pier)

October 10th/11th – Packery Channel Open

November 7th/8th – Matagorda Open

December 5th/6th – Port Aransas Open

February 20th/21st – Galveston Open

April 2nd/3rd – Texas State Surfing Championships @ Bob Hall Pier

May 6th/7th/8th – Cinco de Mayo Longboard ProAm

February 27th through March 19th will be reserved for make-up events.

Blackout dates – Thanksgiving (November 28th/29th), Spring Break (March 12th/13th 19th/20th) & Easter (March 26th/27th)