After closely watching the forecast all week, the Galveston Open was called ON for Saturday, February 20th, and what a great call it was.



The event organizers were able to schedule all of the heats and finals in one day, finishing the contest just before sun down.


Although there was short period with some chop,  surf was in the waist to stomach high range with some chest high sets rolling in occasionally and minimal, if any, current.


The weather could not have been more perfect for this event.  February can be a temperamental month along the Gulf coast, with cold water, rain and temperatures dipping into the 30’s being the norm. For our contest weekend, sunny skies greeted our surf family with temperatures in the 70’s, water temperature above 60 and no fog or rain to be seen all day!  Many of our contestants wore spring suits or no wetsuit at all in the spring-like conditions.



Spectators were able to have a birds eye view from both the jetty and the Seawall of all the heats, which makes the Galveston Open such a unique and fun venue for competitors and their families.






And the classic seawall and jetty rock scramble down to the



Top slots awarded included:

Micro-grom:  Veda Presley 1st and Kai Luper, 2nd

Menehune GirlsCarly Hudson 1st and Mia Marr 2nd

Menehune Boys: Phi Pecore 1st and Robert Murphy 2nd

Boys: Nick Bertanga 1st and Ian Appling 2nd

Girls: Aransas Blaha 1st and Maddie Garlow  2nd

Junior Men: Kelly Scroggs 1st and Ian Appling 2nd

Junior Women: Aransas Blaha 1st and Maddie Garlow 2nd

Men:  Hank Cunningham 1st and Bradley Blades 2nd

Women: Maddie Garlough 1st and Coral Earwood 2nd

Masters:  Kris Hopkins 1st and Shawn Cooksey 2nd

Senior Men: Frank Floyd 1st and Brett Hopkins 2nd

Legends: John Johnson 1st and Frank Floyd 2nd

Junior Longboard: Ian Appling 1st and Dallas Cunningham 2nd

Womens Longboard: Olive Smith 1st and Jody Marr 2nd

Mens Longboard: Morgan Faulkner 1st and Teddy Nicholson 2nd

Senior Longboard: Frank Floyd 1st and Brett Hopkins 2nd

Open Shortboard Division saw Galveston local Gabe Prusmach taking 1st and Morgan Faulkner 2nd.


Gabe Prusmach getting a ride up the beach after his Open Shortboard Final

Special thanks go out to the  Underground Surf Depot for sponsoring the TGSA Galveston Open!  In addition,  TGSA would like to thank G Scott Ellwood for capturing the day as it unfolded, and all the volunteers who help make these contests possible.

Click on the links to see the full  Galveston Open Results and current  Season Standings



THE SOUTH PADRE ISLAND OPEN Presented by South Padre Island Convention and Visitors Bureau first call has been set APRIL 2nd / 3rd, 20a6!

Online Registration for the South Padre Island Open  is now open.  Please get your registration in asap.

Please remember you must be a TGSA member before you can participate in a competitive event. You may sign up online or download our membership form and waiver.  As a reminder to members and surfers in the South Padre Island area, in order to surf the Texas State Championships, you must surf at least one event during the regular season, so don’t miss out.

We need your help in order to properly and efficiently plan the TGSA contests.  If you are planning to surf this event, please sign up online asap so that we can prepare for the contest.  If you do not have access to sign up online, please send your entry information to with your desired divisions listed as well as your intent to pay on the beach.  Deadline for signups prior to the contest is 4:oo PM on Wednesday, March 30, 2016.  If you do not send your information in to TGSA you may miss out.  Beach entries will only be accepted for open slots and we will not add an additional heats, with the exception of Open Shortboard and Open Longboard.  Please get your entries in as soon as possible.