TexasSurfMuseumThe Texas State Surfing Championships presented by Presented by The Texas Surf Museum was called on for the weekend of April  30th / May 1st!



April showers may bring May flowers but this weekend they brought in some big, thumping Gulf Coast swell to end our TGSA 2015-2016 season with a bang!

There ain't no surf in Texas!

There ain’t no surf in Texas! Zach May on a Texas gem.

Saturday morning dawned with cloud cover which gave way to sun late morning, some very light rain for just a moment…and waves!!!   Waves that were rolling in off the Gulf to Ball Hall Pier were solid chest high with many head high and overhead sets.


Zach May getting some shade.

Winds had blown hard the day before from the south east but had died down to around 6-12 mph the morning of the contest.  There was minimal current to deal with which was a huge bonus for all the competitors because Bob Hall can be quite a challenge when a strong current is added into the mix!   Solid waves, big drops, waves breaking hard with  very little current……The timing could not have been more perfect to run the State Championship event!  Open Shortboard was the first heat in the water with a 9 a.m. start and the Texas State Championships was off and running!


Alana Greenwood on a beautiful wave.

This year the highest ranking competitors of any said division automatically advanced to the semi-finals.  Others who were up to date with a current TGSA membership and had surfed at least 1 open contest through the year were able to compete in preliminary or Repo heats to battle it out to the quarter or semi finals, depending on the number of competitors in a division.  This gave an opportunity for many more competitors to compete in the State Championships!


Frank Floyd

In spite of the light winds the swell held and we had more of the same for most of the day on Sunday as well.


Mia Marr

Temperatures warmed up into the 80’s and clouds gave way to sunny skies.  Clean conditions, clear green water and and abundance of prime Bob Hall surf for the second day in a row.  There were some tough battles going on in the water with some very competitive heats for the finals.


Kris Hopkins

The TGSA Texas State Champions for the 2015-2016 season are:

Micro-Groms:  Keagan Sohl

Menehune Boys:  Kason Wells

Menehune Girls:  Mia Marr

Boys:  Ian Appling

Girls:  Maddie Garlough

Junior Men:  Kelly Scroggs

Junior Women:  Maddie Garlough

Men:  Shane Wiggins

Women:  Maddie Garlough

Masters: Morgan Faulkner

Senior Men:  John Johnson

Legends:  John Johnson

Junior Longboard:  Olive Smith

Womens Longboard: Aarin Hartwell

Mens Longboard:  Morgan Faulkner

Senior Longboard:  Brett Hopkins

Air:  Vince Scroggs

Open Shortboard:  Shane Wiggins

Open Longboard:  Morgan Faulkner


Dallas Cunningham

Team awards for the State Championship are:

1st Place:  Wind and Wave A

2nd Place:  Dockside White

3rd Place:  Dockside Red

4th Place:  BoardHouse A

Our 2015-2016 Season Points Texas State Champions are:

Micro-Groms:  Kai Luper

Menehune Girls:  Carly Hudson

Menehune Boys: Robert Murphy

Boys: Ian Appling

Girls:  Maddie Garlough

Junior Men:  Kelly Scroggs

Junior Women: Maddie Garlough

Men:  Bradley Blades

Women:  Maddie Garlough

Masters:  Shawn Cooksey

Senior Men:  Bronson Hilliard

Legends:  John Johnson

Junior Longboard: Olive Smith

Women Longboard: Olive Smith

Men Longboard:  Teddy Nicholson

Senior Longboard:  Frank Floyd

Open Shortboard:  Shawn Cooksey

Teams Points Champions: 

1st:  Wind and Wave A

2nd:  Dockside White

3rd: BoardHouse A

4th: Dockside Red


Ian Appling

The Wes Ellsworth Team Champion of the Year Award was taken by Wind and Wave Team A! Congratulations Frank, Nathan, and the rest of the team!!


Wind and Wave team hoisting the bell high!


Nathan Floyd, ringing the bell!

The TGSA All Star Team was announced for the 2016-2017  season and included :

Menehune Girls: Mia Marr

Menehune Boys: Robert Murphy

Girls: Maddie Garlough

Boys: Ian Appling

Junior Women: Aransas Blaha

Junior Men: Kelly Scroggs

Junior Longboard: Olive Smith

Congratulations to everyone who made the team!!

A big Thank You! to The Texas Surf Museum for sponsoring the State Championships this year and making this great event possible for all of the competitors!  Also, many thanks to Dockside Surf Shop for providing the goody bags for the 1st Place finishers of each division!

As usual, G Scott Ellwood was there to capture the event and he spent many sleepless hours charging batteries and going through thousands of images he shot this weekend to bring stunning pictures and video (be sure to watch in HD) to us all.   We can’t thank him enough for all his tireless effort.

Thanks to all the volunteers who came to help set up and to everyone who stayed to break down.   Also, many thanks to all the ground crew and judges!  Without you all, these events would not be possible.

The TGSA tribe.

TGSA wishes everyone a great summer and we will look forward to seeing you all next season!


Olive and Art Smith, father and daughter.

For complete results for the State Championships and final season rankings please click on the links.