Texas Gulf Surfing Association junior competitors Ian Appling of Corpus Christi, and Maddie Garlough of Port Aransas, where named to the USA Surfing National Development Surf Team at the 2017 USA National Surfing Championships on June 22, 2017.  It was a big week for Surfing America and the Texas duo.  It was a historical day for the Sport of Surfing in the USA.  A Dream became reality as the United States Olympic Committee (USOC) officially recognized Surfing America as the governing body for the Olympic Sport of Surfing in the USA.

With this official announcement from the USOC, USA Surfing officially launched a 3 tiered vision for the National Olympic Surf Team Training Program.  This 3 tiered program includes the National Olympic Training Team, the National Junior Surf Team and the final tier is the entry level National Developmental Surf Team.   The entry level Team, the National Development Team, is designed to recruit and develop the most promising young surfers from throughout the country into the Olympic Surf Team Program.  This Team has the goal of working with regional surfing associations like the TGSA to recognize these top athletes on a regional level and begin to develop them in the early stages of their promising careers.  In fulfillment of this mission of the Developmental Team and its purpose, it is a natural progression from yesterday’s historical announcement by Surfing America to also announce the selection and inclusion of the top 2 Junior Surfers from Texas and the TGSA  to new National Developmental Team, Ian Appling from Corpus Christi and Maddie Garlough from Port Aransas.

Photo by: Water Work Media / USA Surfing“I’m so proud to see 2 young Texans on the national surfing stage.  Ian and Maddie have been working very hard to better their skills and improve their competitive performances and it shows,” commented TGSA All-Star Team Coach Morgan Faulkner.   Faulkner continued, “As a former US Team member, I know how hard it is to break through the glass ceiling of being a Texas surfer. Being named to the US Developmental Team is a huge step and will give them access to all sorts of great opportunities.  I can’t wait to see what’s next from these two and our growing pool of young talent.”

“I am so stoked to see these two hard working kids make this elite surf team and could not be more proud of them.   The future is bright for Ian and Maddie and they are part of and the front runners in an exciting new time in Texas junior surfing,” commented TGSA All-Star Team Coach Zach May.

Ian and Maddie have already been involved in training with USA Surf Coach Joey Buran earlier this year with the TGSA Texas All-Stars and more recently with the USA Junior Surf Team. Their Selection to the National Developmental Surf Team is a natural progression for them in going forward in their surfing careers while also representing the current talent and future potential of top junior surfers from Texas and the TGSA.  Ian and Maddie will be training with the other surfers from throughout the USA from both the Developmental Surf Team and the National Junior Surf Team.  It is also the desire of Surfing America and the USA Olympic Surf Team Program to have a regional Team training in Texas in 2018.  This training will involve working with Ian and Maddie and other top junior surfers from Texas and the TGSA.  It will also include bringing other top Developmental Surf Team and Junior Surf Team athletes to come to Texas for participation and support of the development of the Olympic Surf Team Program in the TGSA and in the state of Texas.

“I am excited for the future of Olympic Surfing in the USA and the current and future role of top surfers from Texas and the TGSA in it!  The Dream of Olympic Gold for the Sport of Surfing belongs to every young surfer in America and that includes the current and future top surfers from the TGSA and Texas,” commented USA Surf Coach Joey Buran.  Buran added, “It begins with the inclusion and participation of Ian Appling and Maddie Garlough but they are just the beginning of the Dream!  Welcome TGSA and Texas surfers to the Dream of Olympic Gold in the great sport of surfing!”

The TGSA Board of Directors recently voted and approved to become a member organization of USA Surfing.  This commitment by TGSA will open many more opportunities for all Texas competitors to compete at a national level, and it will put in place the avenue for TGSA’s junior competitors to compete for prestigious positions on the National Development Team, the National Junior Team, and the ultimate goal of making the USA Olympic Surf Team.   TGSA is excited about these new opportunities for its members and looks forward to being an official part of USA Surfing.

For more information about TGSA, please contact Patty Garlough.