Dear TGSA Members,

It’s that time again.  TGSA is taking nominations for ALL board positions for the 2018/2019 and 2019/2020 seasons.  These board positions carry a two year commitment, and the current terms are set to expire on June 30, 2018.

The bi-annual election will be held at the 2018 Texas State Surfing Championships at Bob Hall Pier, currently on call for May 19th/20th.  The election will take place on the first day of the event, with voting to close at the end of the event for that day.  Results will be announced on Sunday at the awards ceremony.  Each TGSA member in good standing with paid up membership dues including all TGSA Board members will be allowed one vote, and ballots will be distributed at TSSC event check in based on the current TGSA membership list as compiled by the TGSA Secretary/Treasurer.

All positions are up for election.  The list of Positions and Duties are on the TGSA website for those that are interested.  The following positions do not currently have nominations:  President, Treasurer, and Secretary. Only those individuals nominated within the nomination period will appear on the ballot.  The ballot will provide for write-in nominations.  Any TGSA member (including Board members) may make a nomination by sending an email to Patty Garlough, TGSA President, @, or by calling (361) 318-0413.  Any person nominated must be a current member of TGSA or a current TGSA Board member.  Nominations will be accepted from now until 2pm on the Friday before TSSC.  TGSA will notify any individual nominated for a position upon receipt of their nomination to determine whether they are willing to accept the nomination.  In the event the same person is nominated for more than one position, that person must choose only one position (or none) to run for.

Please submit nominations as soon as possible in order to assist us in preparing ballots and conducting an orderly election.  If you do wish to nominate someone, please confirm with that individual that they will accept the nomination prior to submitting.  As a reminder, all nominations must be sent to Patty Garlough at or by calling (361) 318-0413.