2018-2019 TGSA Competition Schedule

The TGSA schedule will be set and contest will be cancelled for flat conditions only.  All contest (excluding TSSC) will have a two week window to run.  If a contest is cancelled, it will be moved to the back of the schedule and the schedule will resume as set.  This will allow the TGSA membership and volunteer staff to plan their activities accordingly and not allow events to be postponed for week after week.  The TGSA board fully recognizes that some events may be run in minimal surf conditions, but also feels that this is part of a competitive season.  The season schedule includes events along the entire Texas coast and will make qualifying for TSSC equally attainable for the entire TGSA membership.

Grom Roundups

August 11,  2018
TGSA / Texas Surf Camps Grom Round Up @ Galveston, Galveston Island State Park
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August 18, 2018
TGSA / Texas Surf Camps Grom Round Up @ Port Aransas, Horace Caldwell Pier
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Competitive Season

Note: You must be a TGSA member before you can participate in a competitive event. Please sign up online or download our 2018-19 Membership Entry Registration Form & General Release.

2019 North District Contest 
1st Call February 2nd / 3rd
Location: Galveston Sea Wall
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2019 South District Contest 
1st Call February 2nd /3rd
Location: To be announced.
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Galveston Open Presented by Southern Spears Surf Shop
1st Call – March 23rd/24th, 2019
2nd Call – March 30th/31st, 2019

Location: Jimmy’s on the Pier (91st St Pier)
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Port Aransas Open (Sponsors to be announced.)
1st Call – November 17th / 18th, 2018
2nd Call – December 1st / 2nd, 2018

Location: Horace Caldwell Pier
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Matagorda Open Presented by Poco Playa Restaurant
1st Call – February 23rd / 24th, 2019
2nd Call – March 2nd / 3rd, 2019

Location: Matagorda County Beach Park
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Texas State Surfing Championships
1st Call – April 6th / 7th, 2019
2nd Call – April 13th / 14th, 2019

Location: To be announced.
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Each Open event will run within the 2 weeks allocated or be moved to the end of the schedule, to be held only if time permits at least two weeks before the first call for TSSC.

2018/2019 is TGSA’s 31st  Anniversary of competition!!!   We look forward to an exciting competition season, so get your memberships and entries in!

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Black Out Dates:
Johnny Kicks Cancer / Ashlyn Would Go – September 22nd / 23rd

Thanksgiving – November 24th / 25th

Last Date to call Contest before Christmas – December 15th / 16th

Mardi Gras – Feb 22nd – March 5th (These dates affect Galveston Open only.)

Spring Break – March 10th – 17th

Easter – April 20th / 21st

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